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Join the eBook Revolution

  • Phone: 877.477.6217
  • 208x110 Address:

    34 Commercial Drive
    Castleton NY 12033

The solution is cloud-based and multi-platform and provides a well-organized, efficient process for making eBooks and print books available through an online ordering and management system.

What makes the digital classroom expert?

The schools we work with are early adopters and innovators in using eBooks in the classroom. We learn from their experiences and pass on that knowledge to you. Each school we work with provides valuable feedback, which we listen to and use to make ClassBook the best possible solution for its partner schools.

The eBook market is constantly evolving, but we are the first in the industry to offer what our partner schools like to call a “one-stop shop” solution to eBook ordering and fulfillment. We still play a major role in the traditional textbook market, but we’ve positioned ourselves to understand and anticipate the constant changes the future will undoubtedly bring.