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Tech Valley, NY /

This company profile was submitted by a community member. While the information is believed to be accurate, it was not posted by an official representative of Agora Games and should be regarded in that light. If you are aware of incorrect information posted here or if you are a representative of Agora Games who would like to assume control of this profile, please contact us.

Agora Games

We build integrated online gaming communities

  • Founded: 2005
  • Funding: Acquired by Major League Gaming in 2009
  • Phone: 518.268.1000
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    359 Broadway, Third Floor, Troy, NY 12180

Why restrict your games to the platforms for which they were developed? Set them free. Give your gamers easy access to in-game stats, content, community, friends, dev blogs, downloadable content, images, promotions, and exclusive content wherever they want, whenever they want. 

Greetings. We’re Agora Games. Our job? To help you unleash your games with a suite of core technology, community, social, mobile, content-sharing, development, and design and marketing solutions. Turn to us. Turn your games Inside Out. When your gamers turn off their console or handheld, do they stop thinking about the game that they just played? 

No, they don’t.

Enable your gamers to integrate games into their everyday lives. Help them engage way before release date, and keep them engaged long after. Make it so, and your gamers will repay you with loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, extended interest and greater likelihood to invest in DLC and follow-up titles. Extend the gaming experience beyond the console.