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Tech Valley, NY /

Kaggle Competition Launch Pad - Zestimate

estuari 333 Broadway , Troy, NY 12180 (map)

Many people often express interest in Kaggle competitions, but entering one can sometimes be overwhelming. In reality, the Kaggle community is very friendly and collaborative learning is welcomed and encouraged. Entering a competition and making a submission is a fantastic way to improve your skills. 

Bring your laptop and join us to informally launch into an active Kaggle competition with $1,200,000 in prize money, the Zillow’s Home Value Prediction (Zestimate) Kaggle Competition. The aim is to develop an algorithm that makes accurate predictions about the future sale prices of homes. More than 2,500 teams have submitted a solution, why not you?

source: Philipp Spachtholz's Exploratory Analysis kernel

Our goal is to get as many people started in the competition as possible and explore the different kernels offered by the community to visualize the data and discuss approaches to the problem. 

source: Train, Score, Repeat, Watch Out! Zillow's Andrew Martin on modeling pitfalls in a dynamic world

Target audience: newcomers, experienced Kagglers and everything in between

Agenda: overview presentation of the competition, review interesting kernels, discuss and experiment with approaches. 

Topics: data science, machine learning, R, python 

"In case you're worried that you'd be really far behind if you started now, don't. Many folks have been generously sharing starter code in the form of Kaggle Kernels and daily posts on the Zprize forums from folks looking to form teams. We expect team formation to heat up here in the last few weeks before the merger deadline." from Zillow Data Science Blog

We thank Matthew Lean and OneHudson Ventures for letting us use the Estuari coworking space. 

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Dan-thanksgiving-2016-1_cropped_square_smaller Dan Elton


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