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Tech Valley, NY /

[IGDA Albany] Game Narratives: Building Past the Written

Tech Valley Game Space 30 Third Street , Troy, NY (map)

IGDA Albany usually has a professional talk every 4th Thursday of the month. The talk will begin at 7pm, but feel free to arrive around 6:30 PM and stay until 9:00 PM if you’d like to mingle before and after. This month's speaker is Maria Salmon, and her talk is "Game Narratives: Building Past the Written."

Talk Description:

If a game has a narrative, its story is often conveyed through far more than "just" words on a screen - this talk takes a gander at both these affordances and the impact of resulting narratives on a game(s). We'll delve slightly into how developers (studio, individual, & all the lovely wacky elses) habitually employ such practices due to experience & familiar methods of thought/execution - but more so, we'll throw friendly jazz hands with the varying means of leverage a narrative can employ. Chiefly, we’ll peruse environmental/spatial/visual, auditory, physical/analog, and written storytelling; aiming to champion their use as not only important for the forwarding of available gaming experiences, but also for the broadening of a developer's overall acumen. Let’s challenge the assumed stereotype of narratives as simply written exposition & dialogue, y’all.

Speaker Bio:

Maria Salmon is a gamer, designer, and (casually) struggling baker. She is T-2 months away from snagging a dual B.S. in Game Design/Communication from RPI, and is, proudly, only panicking a bit. Pairing a love for storytelling with an inability to sit still, she enjoys playing with the creation of physical narratives – and, hopeful to begin graduate study in design this August, she aims to make a career out of her passion & condition. Outside of games, Maria enjoys adores body mod research and backstage theater production, and despises her inability to make puff pastry.


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