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Tech Valley, NY /

Lesson Night: 2D Collision Detection / Handling

Tech Valley Game Space 30 Third Street , Troy, NY (map)

Instructor: Russell Leggett


Collision detection is a fundamental component to almost any game. While most game engines give you a lot of help out of the box, they aren't always enough. Software engineer and hobby game developer Russell Leggett explored several approaches to 2D collision detection and will present what he learned. Topics covered will include different styles of collision detection such as AABB, physics engines like Box2D, as well as some of the techniques commonly used to optimize collision detection. Beyond the actual detection of a collision, Russell will also cover some different techniques commonly used to take the collision detection and update the game state to properly respond. Everything covered will be done in the browser for anyone who would like to follow along.

Suggested equipment: Laptop with a browser


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