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Seattle, WA /

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Test drive cars from your home or office.

  • Phone: 855-795-TRED
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    1620 Broadway #208
    Seattle, WA


Tred is a first of its kind at home test driving and buying service. With Tred, you test drive from your doorstep, on your roads, even side by side versus another new car. We answer your questions without any of the showroom sales pressure, and we offer a no obligation rock-bottom price and a no pressure buying experience.


Online or by phone, you can arrange to test drive one or two new vehicles from the comfort of your home or office. The car or cars are delivered at the time of your choosing, allowing you to test how the cars handle your commute, how they manage your car seats and cargo, and how they fit in your driveway or garage. Cars are delivered by our highly trained staff of Tred Auto Experts. After test driving, we encourage you to take some time to consider your options. If you’re still thinking about other cars, we’re happy to bring them to you. Once you know what you love, we arrange rock-bottom pricing and a no haggle buying experience with one of our partner dealerships, although you’re under no obligation to use a dealer that we recommend, or a price that we recommend.