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Tech, design and entrepreneurship meetups, user-groups and clubs active in Seattle, WA

Tech Women Mentors Seattle

This group is a women in tech mentoring group. It has been formed after a number of women met at the 2013 She's Geeky conference in Seattle. We realized that.. (more)

Seattle Startups Open Coffee

Every week Entrepreneurs and investors gather to talk about the startup experience. They meet at Louisa's Coffee 2379 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle,WA 98102 at 830 am each Tuesday morning to.. (more)

Seattle Ruby on Rails meetup

If you're a rails dev, you already know, there aren't a whole lot of resources out there for us, not like there are for php, that's for sure.

I thought.. (more)

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Jewish Tech Seattle

J-Tech allows Jewish tech professionals to connect with the Jewish community and to each other in meaningful ways. You will have the opportunity to network, engage in professional development and.. (more)

Seattle Ed Tech Meetup

This group is for innovators in education.  We strive to keep the balance between educators and technologists in our group.

By bringing together educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and all-around education enthusiasts, the Edu.. (more)

HackerNest Seattle Tech Socials

HackerNest is a nonprofit community movement focused on strengthening local tech ecosystems globally through unpretentious social events and hackathons. We’re nurturing cohesive communities today to empower them with more.. (more)

Seattle Tech Speakers Workshop

Practice and advice giving technical presentations.

Each month, one member gives a technical presentation to the group, which then discusses the presentation, offering comments and critiques. Finally, the presenter gets.. (more)

NW Tech Group

This MeetUp is for anyone interested in discussing and exploring new technology trends. We'll discuss and give demonstrations on topics such as Home Automation and Control, Audio, Video, Surveillance, Security,.. (more)

Seattle Funders and Founders

We connect startup founders with startup funding from angel investors, seed and venture capital. We attract the most innovative startups in both tech and non-tech industries.

At our events you.. (more)

Hackers and Founders Seattle

Hackers and Founders Seattle provides a casual business forum where tech and less-than-tech entrepreneurs meet and discuss new technologies and/or companies that we’re working on. Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur,.. (more)

Beers with Engineers

A monthly gathering for Seattle area tech junkies. More specifically, those focused on storage, HPC, and general IT. Industry guys, IT guys, nerds, geeks, tech philosoraptors, whatever.... Whether 3 or.. (more)

Seattle iOS Developers

If you like drinking beer and building iOS apps, it is very likely that you will enjoy this group. We created this meetup so that we could get together with.. (more)

The Seattle Web Technology Bi Weekly Meetup Group

We meet up to learn about and discuss new web technologies, network, develop business relationships, and just hang out. If you're interested in web or software technology, whether you're a.. (more)

Seattle NuoDB Enthusiasts

This group is a place for developers and tech enthusiasts to learn about NuoDB - a brand new generation of operational database, architected to scale effortlessly on the cloud without.. (more)

Lean Startup Seattle

Lean Startup Seattle is for anyone interested in the application of Lean Startup Principles and the Customer Development process developed by Steve Blank and refined by Eric Ries.  We are bringing the Seattle Lean Startup community together in a.. (more)

Seattle Elixir Programming Meetup

Organized for software developers who are currently using Elixir or interested in learning Elixir. Here we can come together and talk about the technology, give presentations, and do work shops... (more)

Seattle Ansible Meetup

This group is for Linux SysAdmins who want all the configuration management benefits without hitting the fulltime coder wall that seems to happen with Puppet and Chef. Ansible lets you.. (more)

Seattle Container networking Meetup

Who should join: People interested in Container Networking Technology

We will discuss the challenges in Container Networking area and the roadmap in community during the upcoming CloudNativeCon, 2016 conference (.. (more)

Seattle Business & Tech Meetup

This is a group for anyone in the Seattle area who is interested in Technology, IT, Cyber Security, rising tech trends, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, etc. Our goal is to connect.. (more)

Seattle Ecommerce Meetup

Who We Are: Provide Small and Medium size ecommerce professionals the tools and knowledge to get online or grow their existing online revenue. 

What We Do: Seattle eCommerce Meetup provides.. (more)

SDE Skills

SDE Skills, is an online initiative started by a few engineers who are experienced in various skill areas that are essential to software engineering. This meetup group aims to build.. (more)

extraSlice - The Place for Tech

Build your network, make new connections, and get to know some of the Pacific Northwest's most exciting new startups at extraSlice, The Place for Tech!  

With events for networking, learning,.. (more)


Just starting your first Angular tutorial? Come learn with us! We'll do our best to help you get all the directives, controllers, modules, and services, sorted out in no time... (more)

Seattle Tech Meetup

Welcome to Seattle Tech Meetup, Seattle's largest ongoing monthly event.  This event is for the community, by the community! Done in partnership with local community resources Startup Weekend, GeekWire, WTIA,.. (more)