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Oskar Latek

building the Estimati empire

Hey guys!

I don't come from a techie backgound, however I did take and passed C++ in college :)

I own four companies in Rochester.  Here is my timeline:

2005 - started Fish Window Cleaning - kicked so much butt I stated:

2006 - Great Places for Smiling Faces - then I thought my poop didn't stink and  started:

2007 - NY Mobile Ads - got my butt kicked so much that I couldn't sit straight for nearly 3 years.  They say failures give you the best learning experience.  Boy do they ever!  I spent 3 years cleaning up my doodoo and the smell it left and trust me it smelled really bad!  I nearly bankrupted everything, but with a help of a business coach I made some incredibly tough decisions, turned around my companies and for the past year I've been working on my most ambitious project ever:

8/27/2012 - the day Estimati, LLC was born!  Our company vision is to always and in ALL WAYS provide transparency in the service industry?  What does that mean?  Ask me and I'll tell you!

I'm  a man of few words as you can see, but I really do love to listen as well.  I've joined several Rochester tech organizations and my goal is to build an empire with a solid foundation.  You want to know how I will do it?  Well ask me and I'll tell you!

To your success,