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Rochester, NY /

Dynatrace Azure Hands-On CI/CD Workshop

Microsoft Office 375 Woodcliff Drive , Fairport, NY (map)

In this hands-on workshop, attendees will build an unbreakable CI/CD pipeline with Azure Marketplace extensions and to orchestrate self-healing for application issues.

The workshop material can easily be applied to other CI/CD DevOps Tools such as Jenkins, MS TFS, Bamboo, Bitbucket, etc.

Attendees will create an end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline for Node.js microservices using Azure DevOps and Azure Functions.

The follow concepts will be covered in detail:

How to Shift-Left? To stop bad changes early we implement Metrics-Driven Quality Release Gates using the Dynatrace Timeseries and Problem API in combination with Azure Functions to only promote builds into the next pipeline stage if quality meets our high expectations.

How to Shift-Right? Monitoring as Code allows us to feed context information such as details on configuration & deployment changes to the Dynatrace AI. We will use Azure Functions from our Azure DevOps Pipeline to push the pipeline details.

How to implement Self-Healing? Changes in Production, that negatively impact end user experience, resource consumption or operational costs, must be auto-remediated with actions such as scaling out, re-deploy or rollbacks. We will implement Self-Healing actions using Dynatrace AI Problem Notifications, Azure Functions and Azure DevOps.

Please remember to complete the prerequisites for the workshop, we require every attendee to:

Have your own Azure account. Don't have one? Sign up for a free one here: If you do have an organization Azure account make sure you are the Admin or the DevOps won't work!

Have your own Azure DevOps (formerly known as VSTS) account. Don't have one? Sign up for a free trial here:

Have your own Dynatrace SaaS or Managed Account. Don't have one? Sign up here:


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