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Rochester, NY /

Graph databases

Riverwood Tech Campus 4545 East River Road , Rochester, NY (map)

Relational databases are great for just about everything except relationships. When the underlying reality of your data involves objects with meaningful connections, standard relational tables often require expensive joins and sparsely populated tables for even the most basic queries. Graph databases are designed to make the management of connected data more intuitive and efficient, and you can still use Python! Ian's discussion will highlight (a) some basic dilemmas when using traditional database approaches for connected data, (b) how graph databases avoid these dilemmas, and (c) how to get started with graph databases in Python.

Location Information

If the map link above for our location is not sufficient here is a more detailed map that should be referenced:

A map to Innovative Solutions:

(parking and walking directions)

The meeting will be at the Innovative Solutions family room:

Use the main entrance off the parking lot.

NOTE: If you search for Innovative in Google Maps, it will try to send you to the wrong building.

The building is the last building in the complex and you will see a piece of artwork that is our new logo (pictured in the image above), just off the walk way into the office.


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