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Rochester, NY /

IDEO Human-Centered Design 101: Kick-off and Sign-up Event

RIT Location to be announced! Right on campus for easy access by students.

Kick off event for the IDEO certification program. Totally free program; form teams with students, beginners and industry pros working together. A fantastic way to get experience and meet local UX professionals. Time commitment is only about 3-5 hours a week.

Get the word out as much as possible! Recruit team members! We want as many teams as possible having fun and working alongside Rochester’s best UX talent. Also, did I mention free certification from IDEO? If enough people participate we can follow 101 up with 201 (more focused on prototyping).

Teams need to attend the kick off. Even if you already know the team you want, we want to make sure you mix some people of different experience levels in with every group.


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