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Rochester, NY /

ROC Data Science Mixer And RocPy Meetup Featuring Cookiecutter

University of Rochester University of Rochester , Rochester, Ne 14642 (map)

We're super excited to join forces with the ROC Data Science meetup this month. There's location information at the end of this description, like usual. If you have any issues, we'll keep an eye on the meetup comments.

*NOTE: we are diverging from our normal 3rd Tuesday for this month only. We're meeting on the 4th Tuesday (10/23) and not on 10/16.*

The RocPy portion of this month's meeting will be a focus on Cookiecutter from Dylan. Cookiecutter is a tool for scaffolding new python projects. In this talk he'll discuss the benefits of app scaffolding with cookiecutter, as well as cover some tools and best practices for python projects that I discovered when I was first started playing with cookiecutter.

5:30 - 6:15 will be a networking mixer with snacks and non-alcoholic drinks provided, on the second floor of Wegmans Hall. This will be a chance for everyone to get to know each other, just hanging out with some snacks and chatting.

6:15 - 7:30 will be the ROC Data Science meetup presentations, downstairs in the auditorium. There will be 3 15 minute presentations, including one about what Paychex is doing along these lines.

7:30 - 9:00 will be RocPy presentations starting with Dylan's Cookiecutter presentation, also in the auditorium

Hope to see you there!

Location Information

We will be meeting in Wegmans Hall on the University of Rochester river campus.

If the map link above for our location is not sufficient here is a more detailed map that should be referenced:

A map to Wegmans Hall:

(parking and walking directions)

Parking is found along Intercampus Drive, and Wegmans Hall is at the end of Hutchison Road.


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