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Rochester, NY /

Wat's up, __doc__!?

Innovative Solutions 3495 Winton Place, Building C Suite 2 , Rochester, NY (map)

Python "Gotchas", aka "wats". Python, like any language, has its quirks. This talk will go over some counterintuitive edge cases in Python, called 'wats'. They can be humorous, illuminating and a good conversation piece — particularly if you worry that a wats make Python a poorly designed language (of course not!).

Location Information

If the map link above for our location is not sufficient here is a more detailed map that should be referenced:

A map to Innovative Solutions:

(parking and walking directions)

The meeting will be at the Innovative Solutions family room:

Use the entrance around the rear of the building (the opposite side of the building from the main entrance and sign). The door is located at the corner of the building, and faces the parking lot.


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