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Raleigh-Durham, NC /

Learning Lab 360

Learning Lab 360 provides content and a venue for corporate and K-12 school education.

  • Founded: 2016
  • Employees: 3
  • Funding: Self funded
  • Phone: 540-330-5252
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    108 Brightling Way
    Holly Springs, NC 27540


Learning Lab 360 provides Virtual Reality (VR) content presented in a mobile learning lab environment for schools to expose students to the latest technology to participate in virtual field trips while remaining on school grounds. LL360 presents content in STEM subjects that tie-in with school curriculum. Learning Lab develops and produces content for corporate training and K-12 school programs as well as mobile labs to bring the programs to users. 

VR permits students to better understand the world they live in by allowing them to visit modern and ancient sites that would be otherwise impossible to see via traditional field trips.

Utilizing a specialized mobile lab to bring VR lessons to school.  The labs specifications allow up to 14 students at one time to participate in virtual lessons. Students can stand as most VR programming is best enjoyed or sit in seats at each station. Headsets are wired to internal jacks to eliminate tripping hazards. All students in the lab see that same presentation moderated by their teacher. The lab is handicap accessible. The lab is self-contained with internal wi-fi, computer center and an external generator. The lab is on school grounds eliminating the need for permission slips, busing and fund raising.

LL360 lessons are coordinated to current teaching objectives.  Visits to places otherwise impossible in the school system are now possible. Rome, Egypt, Greece, London, the Grand Canyon, civil war, outer space will no longer be pictures in a book. Ancient and current civilization can now come alive as they see people and places as they really appear without leaving school grounds. Each lesson plan comes with talking points, handouts geared to the lesson to be covered written by professional teachers.

Mobility allow VR lessons to be brought to multiple schools with each Mobile Lab. School budgets are not unduly impacted by the cost of construction, equipment and maintenance necessary for permanent installations. Rental of the LL360 Lab on a daily/weekly basis is cost-effective for individual schools even for those with limited budgets.

As of November, 2018 more than 14,000 adults and children have experienced a wide variety of VR programs in the Learning Lab.  VR educational programs have been presented to more than 40 public schools in NC and 9,000 students have seen our programs. 

Learning Lab 360 is currently working on multiple projects developing VR content for healthcare training and with major universities to present and analyze VR program presentation.

Learning Lab 360 has a fantastic product, identified our target customer base and found them willing to pay for our services.  LL360 is poised to scale up operations but has outgrown our internal resources. We are searching for mentors, investors and partners to fuel our growth.