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    800 North Mangum
    Durham NC

SplatSpace — previously known as Durham Makerspace — is an upcoming multidisciplinary workshop and hackerspace in Downtown Durham. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, member-driven, member-funded organization. We are looking for crafters, engineers, mad scientists, artists, programmers, tinkerers, and makers of all kinds to join our organization.

We have a physical location in Downtown Durham where members can access physical space, basic tools/parts, and a community of passionate people. We hold weekly and monthly classes, events, and get-togethers to celebrate and share our strengths, learn from each other, and collaborate on projects of interest to members. We are a community of hackers, makers, tinkerers, teachers, and students: Our ultimate goal is to reach out to each other and the surrounding community to share our passion for art, technology, and innovation. Through sharing this passion, we will ultimately build a community that uniquely contributes to the technical and artistic vibrancy of Durham, and the Triangle as a whole.

If you’d like to be involved, jump right in! If you’ve never heard of a makerspace or hackerspace before, don’t worry! Visit our FAQ for more details, or reach out to us directly via our Google Group or e-mail. We know it sounds hard to believe that our only real goal is to create a community around collaboration and innovation– without having to answer to any big corporate blob in the sky no less– but it’s true! And we want you involved, too. (Unless you’re a big corporate blob in the sky– sorry.)

Splat Space 800 N. Mangum , Durham, NC 27701 (map)
Join other makers, hackers and crafters to work on any of your projects and socialize. Any project is welcome: textiles, crafts, 3d printers, wearables, electronics, or software. Or, just come to visit and check out the Space if you've never been to Splat Space.

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