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    201 W. Main Street Suite 004, Durham NC 27701

ExitEvent provides news, information and tools emerging companies and smart investors need to grow their businesses, and in a talk shop kind of way. Based in Durham, we focus on up-and-coming tech metros in North Carolina—Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary and the Research Triangle region, with coverage expanding to Wilmington, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Asheville and Charlotte.

Some things to know:

We are storytellers.  We believe there are powerful stories to be told outside Silicon Valley—especially in North Carolina—and we're committed to telling them and sharing them with the world.

We are industry agnostic. There’s a lot of tech in the Research Triangle area, but we tell stories of any company with high-growth potential and any issue that impacts the newest generation of businesses, for good or bad.

We are editorially independent. ExitEvent is owned by an awesome North Carolina media company called Capitol Broadcasting Company. Though we work alongside 240+ other startups at its American Underground startup campuses, we are committed to telling stories around the Triangle and beyond.

We are by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneursExitEvent is a forum for thought leaders. We invite people in the community to write, photograph or film—sharing their perspective on a trend or industry, offering essential advice for entrepreneurs and investors or telling their own stories.