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Raleigh-Durham, NC /

It’s Not About the Standup: Why Agile Isn’t Working for You

CA Technologies 1101 Haynes Street , Raleigh, (map)

== About the Topic ==

We’re several years into an agile transformation at IBM and some teams are thriving while others are still struggling. The reasons might surprise you (hint: it’s not about the practices). Come listen to stories of real-life teams and what characteristics seem to predict success or failure, in terms of agile adoption and business outcomes. Prepare to share your own stories and contribute to the discussion.

Participants will:

- Listen to stories of real-world teams who have experienced success - and failure - at adopting and applying agile to software/hardware delivery

- Compare and contrast those team experiences to understand three key factors that predict success or failure: agile leadership, agile mindset/values, and the inclusion of user- and market-centered outcomes

- Contribute to the discussion by sharing their own experiences and insights

== About the Speaker ==

Kristine Berry is an educator, coach, facilitator, and leader who is passionate about helping teams enjoy their work and create delightful products. She works at IBM today at the intersection of Agile and Design Thinking Transformation - enabling hundreds of hardware and software teams across the globe in new ways of working. She often uses her Instructional Design certification, and more than 15 years of experience, to create and deliver effective educational content.

== About the Location ==

The meeting is in the AgileU space and has its own entrance, far away from the CA front entrance.

The best GPS address is 1111 Haynes Street (we are NOT located at 1111 Haynes but that will get you to the correct lot).

* Turn into this parking lot at the corner of Cedar Street and Haynes Street.

* There are two entrances into the parking lot. There is a white sign with green lettering that reads “Visitor Parking for Pilot Mill” at each of these entrances.

Directly across the street from the Side Parking Lot is the back of the Pilot Mill building where CA Rally AgileU is located.

As a reference point, you will walk by a separate beige building on your right with a sign at the top that reads “Pilot Mill, 1111 Haynes Street” as you walk down the ramp towards the Agile U classroom entrance.

Signs and arrows will guide you to the appropriate door.


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