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Tech, design and entrepreneurship meetups, user-groups and clubs active in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Agile

This group brings together those who are passionate about their craft and believe in the Agile Manifesto. We will focus on promoting and sharing Agile practices to improve our profession.. (more)

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Pittsburgh .NET User Group

The Pittsburgh .NET User Group is a community-driven group for area .NET developers to learn about features of the .NET framework and also to learn about ways that others are.. (more)

CocoaHeads Pittsburgh

CocoaHeads is an international group of Mac and iOS programmers, which started right here in Pittsburgh. We meet the second thursday to discuss anything and everything related to Mac and.. (more)

Pittsburgh Code & Supply

Programming Meetups have evolved beyond meeting once a month about a single programming language. These days, passionate developers are polyglot - interested in knowing how to use the best technology.. (more)

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Pittsburgh WordPress Developers & Designers

Pittsburgh WordPress developers, designers, and general users who want to ask questions, share tips, and be inspired. Welcome freelancers and businesses who use WordPress professionally, but also learners and single-site.. (more)

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A tweetup is an event where people who Twitter come together to meet in person.

We usually connect with our friends, colleagues, partners and customers online after we have met.. (more)

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Refresh Pittsburgh

Refresh Pittsburgh is a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical, and professional culture of Internet designers and developers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

In simple terms,.. (more)

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Pittsburgh Hardware Startup Meetup

There are a ton of software meetups in the 'Burgh, but for a city with such a rich history in manufacturing and robotics, where's all the hardware love? We're all.. (more)


PittMesh is an effort by MetaMesh, LLC to create a community mesh network spanning the City of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

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Sassy Pgh

Sassy Pgh is a meetup for friendly Pittsburgh developers to talk shop about Sass, Compass, and other sweet stuff happening in the front-end coding world.

Meetups are 6:30 to.. (more)

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Pittsburgh.rb is a Ruby language user group for beginners and experts to discuss all things about the language that makes us happy.

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Health 2.0 Pittsburgh

Health 2.0 Pittsburgh is a meetup group focused on innovations in the delivery of healthcare and health related technology. This group is dedicated to creating a community around Health in Pittsburgh.. (more)

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Pittsburgh Python User Group

The Pittsburgh Python User Group is a group that meets monthly to discuss Python development. We benefit from a variety of python developers in web application development, systems administration, and.. (more)

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Girl Develop IT Pittsburgh

Want to learn how to code? Have a great idea? Don't be shy. Develop it. It can be intimidating for women to learn and ask questions when they are in.. (more)

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Steel City Hackers

Our goal is to help IT Security professionals to grow in their career, build the Pittsburgh-based community of security and forensics professionals, and help each other to develop our expertise.. (more)

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Pittsburgh Web Design Meetup Group

Group of Pittsburgh web designers

Pittsburgh WordPress Meetup Group

This group was started to bring together end-users, designers, and developers that use WordPress. We will discuss topics for beginners and share favorite and custom plugins.

Pittsburgh AWS Meetup

Exchange tips, hints, best practices on how to use Amazon Web Services. Meet other AWS users.

The Dev Experience

Offered in cooperation with DevHousePgh and our many sponsors, The Dev Experience is for Developers, Designers and Project Leads who want to:

*learn and share information on new technologies

*enjoy.. (more)

Pgh Tech Meetup

A regular venue for technology entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to

- give a cool technology demo

- give an elevator pitch

- listen to a keynote

- see a tutorial

-.. (more)

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Pittsburgh Scala Meetup

Scala is a programming language with an advanced type system that compiles into bytecode for widely used virtual machines like the JVM. It integrates features of object-oriented and functional languages.. (more)

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Hadoop Users Group Pittsburgh

We're a group of Pittsburgh-based Hadoop & cloud-computing technologists, enthusiasts and researchers who discuss emerging technologies, Hadoop & related software development (HBase, Hypertable, PIG, etc). The Hadoop Users Group (HUG).. (more)

Pittsburgh Internet Marketing & SEO Group

Pittsburgh Internet Marketing & SEO Group have joined to create an assembly of professionals and enthusiasts in the Pittsburgh area that meet to learn and share ideas, techniques, and processes.. (more)

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Connecting Drupallers in and around the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

We welcome users of all skill levels and interests.  Developers, themers, designers, IA/UX professionals, business managers, hobbyists: if you're interested in.. (more)

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Pittsburgh Geek Out Day

Pittsburgh Geek Out Days (PGODs) are semi-regular meetings of technologists to discuss software engineering, how to be rockstar programmers, trends in software, and anything else that people find interesting. We.. (more)

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Welcome to the Pittsburgh Node.js community Meetup!

This is a meetup to discuss Node.js, web development and javascript on both client and server.  If you'd like to learn how to.. (more)

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Pittsburgh Adobe User Group

For lovers of Adobe software and web technologies.

Pittsburgh Clojure Users Group

Welcome old lispers and new schemers! Come to our next event to meet other programmers interested in the latest secret alien technology -- Clojure. We are building a community of.. (more)

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Go Steel Programmers

We're here to bring together anyone who programs in the Go programming language, based in or near Pittsburgh, in western Pennsylvania, and welcoming visitors from further afield.

Professional programmers,.. (more)

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Pittsburgh NoSQL Group

This group covers non-relational data storage technologies, which may either be a complement to or used instead of RDBMSs. Topics covered include Document Stores, Key-Value Stores, Graph Databases, Object Databases,.. (more)

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Pittsburgh FileMaker users and developers

We are a group of local FileMaker developers who get together about once a month to help each other by sharing knowledge. FileMaker Pro has progressed so much over the years.. (more)

PGH Game Makers

Do you love coding games, making art for games, writing games, doing math for games, selling games, and making games? We do, too.

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Pittsburgh PHP Developers Group

This group aims to help Pittsburgh based PHP developers hone their craft, utilizing the expertise of more experienced developers to share their knowledge with both beginners and all members of.. (more)

Refresh Pittsburgh

In simple terms, Refresh Pittsburgh hopes to bring people together to share what they know through software and technology demonstrations, panel discussions, and open-ended Q&A sessions — driven by your.. (more)

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Big Data Developers in Pittsburgh

The Big Data Developers in Pittsburgh group provides opportunities to connect, learn and interact with developers, students and entrepreneurs interested in big data/data science applications, technology and industry. The Meetup.. (more)

Pittsburgh Salesforce Developer User Group

Connect with developers building on the Salesforce Platform

Rails Girls Pgh

Want to continue building things in Ruby on Rails? Catch up with attendees and interested coaches to continue your learning and coding practice!

Co-working Pittsburgh

Co-working Pittsburgh was started to bring together all of the indie workers, entrepreneurs, free-wheeling creatives, and DIY-ers in the area. Let's learn who's out there and talk about ways to.. (more)

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Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Meetup Group

Meet other business owners and learn from their experiences.

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OpenHack Pittsburgh

OpenHack is a meetup with a simple purpose: Code together, on anything.

- You can hack on anything! Any language, framework, public/open-source, personal, etc.

- You don’t have to.. (more)

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Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group

We are a not-for-profit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that provides collaboration resources, including mailing lists, presentations, installfests, and this wiki for Linux users of all backgrounds.

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Systems and Network Administrators of Pittsburgh

  • Be a local community of system and network administrators
  • Provide support to Western Pennsylvania system and network administrators
  • Be involved in Western Pennsylvania’s technology sector
  • Provide a organization for the.. (more)

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UX Designers Pittsburgh

Let's get together and talk User Experience! All skill levels welcome to come share experiences, talk about practices, ask questions and learn!

UX, Human Computer Interaction, Human Centered Design, Design.. (more)

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Ed Tech PGH

Ed Tech PGH connects people working at the intersection of education and technology. We want to enliven the Pittsburgh ed tech community by building and sharing ideas, innovations and technology.. (more)

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Ember.js Pittsburgh

The Ember.js Pittsburgh Meetup Group! For anyone interested in learning/discussing/hacking-on Ember.js.

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MeteorJS Pittsburgh

Meet other developers using MeteorJS. Share your knowledge, apps, and get feedback from others. Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the.. (more)

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Code & Coffee

Code & Coffee is an informal get together to write some code in the morning before the real job kicks in. There are no requirements other than the willingness to.. (more)

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Google Developer Group Pittsburgh

Google Developer Group Pittsburgh was created to help developers and enthusiasts in the Pittsburgh area learn more about Google technologies. While we are still in the planning stages, we will.. (more)

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Pittsburgh DataWorks

The Pittsburgh DataWorks is a consortium of Pittsburgh-based organizations coming together to help establish Pittsburgh as a “Big Data Savvy” city ready to participate in the economic opportunities presented by.. (more)

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East End Coders

Looking to hang out with, exchange ideas, learn something from other software coders? Decided that Wexford, Robinson, McKnight Rd, and even Oakland is just too far. Fear not if you.. (more)

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TechShop Pittsburgh

TechShop is a playground for creativity. Part fabrication and prototyping studio, part hackerspace and part learning center, TechShop provides access to over $1 million worth of professional equipment and software... (more)

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Pittsburgh Bitcoin Users

The Pittsburgh Bitcoin Users group was created for local bitcoin enthusiasts to network, trade and share ideas. Our goal is to help the local bitcoin community grow.

Events are free,.. (more)

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Pittsburgh Information Technology Meetup

This is a group for anyone interested in information technology in the Pittsburgh area. This group will strive to provide all members with the opportunity for growth in their careers.. (more)

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Pittsburgh JavaScript

The last JavaScript Meetup fell through when the organizers took jobs outside of the Pittsburgh Community and moved. This left the rest of us without a means to control the.. (more)

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Hackers Hours

Free office hours for programming help - any programming language, all skill levels. The format is super simple: you come with your laptop, sit and hang out and code, and.. (more)

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Dribbble Meetup

Check out all the details on the blog:

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Events at the Hardware Store

Thrive - Collaborate - Serve

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Catapult PGH - Coworking Community

We are a community of people who choose to work together instead of from our homes or coffee shops. It's not about the space, it's about the people.

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Weekly Entrepreneur Conf Call & Meetup

Pittsburgh-based weekly Sunday 7PM free entrepreneur conference call and 9AM Monday entrepreneur Meetup in East Liberty. Both are open to all entrepreneurs at any stage from idea to revenue generating.. (more)

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Try New Tech

Have you ever read about a technology, framework, or programming language and thought, "I'm going to use that for my next project!" Time passes, and you never seem to get.. (more)

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