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Pittsburgh, PA /

Scrum Master as a Hat…not a Job Title

SingleSource Property Solutions 1000 Noble Energy Dr Suite 300 , Canonsburg, PA 15317 (map)

Join us in (controversial) exploration of an idea that the Scrum Guide supports and in practice many Scrum Teams are proving successful.

This will be highly interactive! And you will be well fed.

All too many companies focus on hiring a full-time person into a SM job title instead of allowing people to freely play what is a role. In our company our software developers or business operations people play this role.

We will share the way we’re going about it and what we’re learning. We promise you will leave having greater depth in understanding the Scrum Master being a management level role and the level of leadership required to influence Stakeholders toward greater results.

To deepen our conversations and elevate your own knowledge, we suggest re-reading the Scrum Guide:

Listen to this video (not much to see) by Agile Manifesto Signatory, Robert Martin (Uncle Bob), you’ll hear how the Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance were formed:

Jake, Quinn and John will be facilitating tonight's learning...


Jake Nichols is a seasoned software developer who's proven patience teaching and coaching has led our organization to elevate our quality engineering standards and find the multiplier of team performance using Scrum. He knows, it's about developers creating things with and for real business people daily!

Quinn Heffern is in early days of his software developer journey, yet so far ahead of the curve helping people effectively team and create flow of daily releases! He takes great pride in creating a deeper learning experience for people attending his retrospectives and workshops.

John Davis is one of those people who simply finds joy helping people in teams find that something great; something rare they get to look back on late career and be proud of.

John teaches graduate students Agile Methods at Carnegie Mellon University, is a licensee Professional Scrum Trainer with and VP of Product Delivery at SingleSource.


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