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Pittsburgh, PA /

Is company culture or HR practices killing Agile dreams?

Tech Elevator Pittsburgh 901 Pennsylvania Ave #3a , Pittsburgh, PA 15233 (map)

If you care deeply about Agile having a chance to thrive and last in your company, invite an influential leader, HR team member, or both to participate in what promises to be an insightful experience.

Beth Davis, a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a certified Professional Scrum Master, has seen how working in an Agile way is often counterculture to many company’s mode of operating. Coupled with traditional HR practices that unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) perpetuate limiting structures and leave us asking the question “…what made us go down this path in the first place?”

Beth will share how she has identified the limiting assumptions and the real cost of drama in companies that time and again cause Agile transformations to start, make progress, and (unfortunately) stall or worse stop altogether.

Finally, Beth will give you an Agile HR approach she has used successfully and you can take back and apply immediately to your company’s recruiting that will prove how HR can be Agile too!

So, invite your leaders and HR team members to experience how bringing Agile methods and beliefs and applying them to a non-development environment can create a thriving company culture and high-performance organization and taking that first step on the journey to lasting value creation, learning, and measurably high engagement of an Agile culture.

About Beth

Beth Davis has spent her entire career working with companies and teams across the globe she has a passion and belief that everyone in a company is responsible for HR, people development, and company culture. She has a background in technology and operations and has demonstrated success in applying Agile methods in operating HR and People Development in several companies.

Beth is a certified Professional Scrum Master and certified facilitator (one of a limited few in the USA) of the iCAgile - Agile Talent certification. Beth also holds certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources and is a certified facilitator and coach of 3VQ (Transforming Workplace Drama), Serving Leadership, and Greater Goal. Beth is a Pittsburgh-region native and is a graduate of Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA.


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