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Pittsburgh, PA /

Special Event: Experience Mapping - Understanding Your Story Through Art

Code & Supply Community Center 5648 Friendship Ave, 3rd Floor , Pittsburgh, PA 15206 (map)

We've partnered with local artist Sara Tang ( to provide a mental health based art workshop. We're excited to try something new and hope you'll benefit from this.

This workshop is a guided creative exercise for participants to chart personal experiences of their choosing in a map format, and then to create an expressive art piece based on their map. Mapping these experiences (which may include chronic illness, childhood, medical, personal, traumatic, positive, developmental, professional, etc.) in a creative medium channels new realizations and ways of understanding one's story. Individuals are then guided through creating an expressive visual poetry piece using a personal takeaway word from their experience map. The workshop ends with the opportunity for participants to share their takeaways from the exercise.

Through using a creative medium to think about their experiences in a new way, participants can connect their mental health experiences with other events in their lives and how those may relate to one another.

Suggested donation: $15


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