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Pittsburgh, PA /

Data Visualization with JupyterLab

Highmark Corporate Headquarters 120 Fifth Ave , Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (map)

We will be in room 20c

Jupyter Lab is the successor to the popular Jupyter/ipython "notebook" interactive browser-based development environment. It combines an interactive shell with rich document presentation including plotting, embedded media, and support for simple GUIs.

We'll cover how to use the Jupyter Lab environment in a modern data science workflow. Applications include 2- and 3-D plotting, animated visualizations, callbacks from GUI events, and asynchronous updates from long-running processes. We'll include examples of how to interact with popular javascript visualization libraries like d3 and threejs by writing only python.

Chris Currivan presenting. Hosted at Highmark, 120 Fifth Avenue Place (the tall building) 3rd Floor Room D reserved. You will need to sign in with security and show ID.


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