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Pittsburgh, PA /

Protecting Sensitive Info: Join us to learn about Multi-Factor Authentication

Birmingham Bridge Tavern 2901 Sarah St , Pittsburgh, PA 15203 (map)

Security of our personal information is a big deal. In daily life when accessing various applications we are increasingly being asked to enter our credentials, and then perform another action (like enter a code that was messaged to our phone or e-mail) to access e-mail, bank and other accounts. Why?

Come join us on Monday, March 18th where we will be discussing multi-factor authentication (MFA). The topics will include what are the factors of authentication, why it is needed, and how implementing MFA can benefit users as well as the organization as a whole.

– Why the need for better authentication

– What are the factors of authentication

– Methods of using MFA

– Increasing personal security

– Increasing organizational security

– implementing in Office 365

– Other services that support MFA

Bio: Brian Cochenour, Technical Trainer

Brian is the Senior Technical Instructor for New Horizons Pittsburgh. He has been with the company since 2008. Prior to coming to New Horizons he was a system administrator, a trainer for tech support, fraud specialist, and Technical service representative.

Brian first started off as an Applications trainer but with his background, he soon transitioned into the more technical areas. With his background in both end user and corporate environments and issues, Brian is able to break down complicated theories into easy to follow lessons.

This along with the examples he brings to class have allowed him to branch out into several areas of expertise, including: SharePoint, Microsoft Server, Windows, Networking, and Security. From Cisco to Certified Ethical Hacking,

Brian is dedicated to helping his student achieve their goals while also making sure they have some fun along the way.

COST: Only what you eat and drink + tip

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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