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Pittsburgh, PA /

Agile for Non-Believers - How do we get them on-board?

CA Technologies 750 Holiday Drive, Foster Plaza 9, Pittsburgh, PA 15220 , Pittsburgh, PA (map)

In a transformation or adoption there are often people that are fully on board, people that are relatively apathetic and then those that are opposed to and blocking (actively or passively) the change. What suggestions or techniques are there for dealing with situations like this?

It’s been said “Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach”.   To that end, Michelle Gilboy (Agile Coach with CGI), Brian Hall (Engineering Manger with UPMC), Dave McKenna (Agile Coach with CA) and John Davis (Product Manager & Development Leader and Professional Scrum Trainer), will kick the session off with some personal stories and then facilitate YOUR stories of problems faced, solutions tried and the results.   The goal is not to share horror stories, but to develop our skills as Agile team members and leaders both within our work community and the Agile community at large.

NOTE: The start time is moved to 6:30 to allow for the commute out of the city. Please plan your travel accordingly.


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