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Pittsburgh, PA /

Kanban - Using the right tool for the right job

CGI (previously Summa) 611 Wm Penn Place , Pittsburgh, pa 15219 (map)

A well-rounded Agile organization has many tools on the shelf. Sometimes the venerable Scrum approach is overused, or shoehorned into a situation where it doesn’t make sense. Even worse, this misapplication of tactics often leads to an organization abandoning their Agile ambitions thinking that their lack of success was due to “Agile” itself and not to their choice of approach.

Sometimes we need a fork instead of a spoon….

Ryan Smith of Agilarc will examine some of the origins, theory, and implementation methods of Kanban. We’ll look at the layout of a real board using best-of-breed software, the useful information that can be gleaned, and some simple analytics that can make a huge difference in optimizing your company’s workflow. Most importantly, we’ll examine where and when it is more appropriate than Scrum or other Agile methods, and how they must both coexist in a healthy and effective Agile enterprise.

Ryan Smith is an Agile practitioner with over a decade of experience in serving highly-performing Agile teams. He has a passion for innovation within the Agile mindset and welcomes opportunities to expand his understanding of it with like-minded people.

Ryan currently serves as the Agile Practice Director for Agilarc, LLC, a company that specializes in delivering outstanding data services in an Agile fashion.


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