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Pittsburgh, PA /

Collaborative Release Planning with Large and Small Teams

DDI 1225 Washington Pike , Pittsburgh, PA 15017 (map)

Release planning can look very different from one company to another. Even within the same organization there are prone to be variations not only based on team size, but also on team “personality’ and subject matter of the release. This experience report is the story of the good, the bad, and the … “lessons learned” from release planning experiences across several projects ranging in size from single scrum teams with stand-alone products all the way up to multiple scrum teams (nine to be exact) working on the same product. As we reflect on these projects, we’ll talk about how to improve collaboration in release planning.


Edwin “Ed” Wiancko is an Agile practitioner and QA leader in the Pittsburgh community. His career in software development started the early 90’s while finishing his Computer Science degree at the University of Pittsburgh. Ed holds the Project Management Institute’s “Agile Certified Practitioner” and Scrum Alliance’s “Certified ScrumMaster” certifications among others. He is active in the local Agile and QA communities and has presented several times with PghQA and at Pittsburgh TechFest. Ed is also an avid skydiver with more than 1,000 jumps. When he’s not discussing QA, Agile, or jumping out of planes, he can often be found with his lovely wife performing music in local coffee shops.


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