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Phoenix, AZ /

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Scrum Software

In every project that Hamid Shojaee worked on during his tenure as a development consultant, helping teams develop more agile practices, this nagging question seemed to create a constant hurdle. Despite the wide variety of development teams he worked with, almost all were plagued with dysfunctional processes, so he decided to build a product that could address many of the most common issues.

As his freshly-coded project management software was refined, it became clear that this technology held value for other individuals in his field so he posted it free online.

Before long, hundreds of people were using OnTime... and requesting new features. Leveraging his entrepreneurial background, Shojaee turned these avid fans into paying customers—a transition that provided the boost needed to found his new company under the name Axosoft.

Although the company has grown substantially and created multiple products, the love of startup culture hasn’t faded. Today, Axosoft offers four product lines: OnTime, TransferBigFiles, Pure Chat and Dashzen.

“There’s a great amount of satisfaction that comes from your product being used by a lot of people,” says Shojaee. “I think that’s one of the driving factors behind why we continue to enhance Axosoft and create new products.”