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Increase Group Attendance

Matt Riley wrote

A blog post from Pam Selle suggests that if you'd like more people to attend your group, you should add education. Specifically consider something structured that includes coaches/mentors covering defined curriculum. Following this general method, the Boston Python User Group grew from 700 members to 3900 members.

The suggested structure is to break each topic or group of topics into 30 minute segments. Pam offers slides and a set of coach guidelines. The content is geared for JavaScript but the core concepts regarding coaches can be applied across all disciplines. If you'd like to increase group attendance I think this is certainly worth trying. Since NextPlex is sort of a community of communities I thought this might be helpful.

Coach Guidelines


JS for everyone: Materials for your next JavaScript workshop

Joe Fleming wrote

Thanks for posting this Matt. I think it might be handy info to have for the Node course we're trying to put together next month.