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Phoenix, AZ /

Rust Study Group (

Oro Brewing Company 210 W Main St , Mesa, AZ 85201 (map)

This is our weekly office hours -- an adjunct to our monthly Rust presentation series.

* Non alcoholics welcome too

* Theres no formal structure. Arrive and leave any time

* Theres dinner options available next door

* Bring a laptop though, lets get you to the next step in your Rust game

* If you don't have questions, bring answers!

* We generally move around between local breweries and pubs, so check this page each month to see where were at

For those in the know, the party actually starts at 10am at Coffee and Code at HeatSync Labs until 3p when it bounces between different Main St breweries before heading over. Get your boss to let you make a day of it with our various meetup communities.


Desert Rust


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