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Phoenix, AZ /

JAMstack Taco Tuesday Eat N' Greet.

CO+HOOTS Coworking 221 E Indianola Ave , Phoenix, AZ 85012 (map)

As the first official meeting for JAMstack Phoenix, I would like to provide an opportunity for the members of the community to come in, eat some delicious tacos, get introduced to the JAMstack and meet the rest of the community.

The evening will be done workshop style working through as much of the Gatsby tutorial as we can get through.

Gatsby is a modern website framework that builds performance into every website by leveraging the latest web technologies. Create blazing fast, compelling apps and websites without needing to become a performance expert.

I have been building Gatsby sites personally for over a year, and just recently decided to start using it with my clients. And the results have been great!

I am hoping to give you the tools and resources for you to do the same.




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