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Phoenix, AZ /

Newbie coding time

Dev Mountain 4600 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 , Phoenix, (map)

The meetup location changed from Galvanize to Dev Mountain. The new address is 4600 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85034.

WARNING: Don't click the map on, it leads you to a weird place. If you use Google Maps it's better to paste the exact address into the app: 4600 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85034


About this Meetup

Note: You need to bring your own computer for this meetup.

I noticed that some people are interested in my algorithms group but they are not quite ready to talk about problem solving because they are still learning basic coding skills. So if you haven't learned things like loops and conditional statements yet, or if you just have questions about basic kinds of things, you can just come to Galvanize early and I can help you with the basics. This will help me separate out the beginner coding discussions from the problem solving discussions. (I'm totally willing to have both types of discussions, I just think it makes sense to have different time blocks for each.)

Please note that I'm not a teacher, just a person who knows JavaScript, Java, and Python and likes to talk about coding, so this is not a class, it is a conversation.

This is an open-ended group where you can either choose your own tasks to work on, or work on the problems that I pick out. Each week I choose 3 or 4 code challenges that are variations on a theme. I will be working on those problems and those of us that finish them usually talk a little bit about our approach, our Big O notation, etc.

If you are learning a programming language for the first time, here are some beginner-level problem sets to work on:

Here are some problem sets to practice JavaScript:




Here are some more problem sets to practice Python:




----------------- This part will be updated with suggested coding challenges when the day gets closer


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