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Phoenix, AZ /

Cybersecurity and Basic Hacks

Galvanize 515 E Grant St , Phoenix, AZ 85004 (map)


1) Backdoors within hidden spaces in files and build on basic skills to gain entry.

2) A deeper dive into phishing and analyzing infected email.


Open to all levels. Regardless of what you know going in, you'll know more coming out.




5:30 to 5:59 - Pizza


6 to 6:09 - Announcements & News


6:10 to 8:00 - TWO SPEAKERS


David Latimer, Cloud Security Engineer and Penetration Tester

Phishing Analysis: a 2.0 dive into current email security and phishing analysis techniques. David will demo a real-world attack chain, analyze the infected email and show us ways to detect and protect yourself and your company.


Joe Giron, Pentester

Torrent Backdoors: building tools and harnessing them. This isn't your grandma's BitErrant. Executable files all have different sections, and this crack takes advantage of a certain section. Learn more about Joe here:


Suggested, not required, Prerequisites:

Understanding/knowledge of assembly/compiling, C/C++ and shell scripts - check out these tools for more info:

And search "how to crack software" for videos on source code hacking.


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