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Phoenix, AZ /

WordPress Meetup - Tempe

Endurance International Group 1500 N. Priest Drive, 2nd Floor , Tempe, AZ (map)


6:30 - Introductions & Announcements

6:45 - Idea Swap

7:00 - Networking

7:20 - Panel: Bluehost WordPress Core Contributors

8:00 - Breakout Into Topical Groups

8:30-8:45 - Adjourn & After-Hangs

This Meetup will be a little different than our typical Presentation-style events!

Bluehost’s WordPress Core Contributor team will all be in town for a team gathering.

This team is the second-largest team contributing to the WordPress project. They work on building and maintaining WordPress, help build and maintain default themes like TwentyNineteen, build and run community events across the United States.

In the Panel session, the Bluehost team will share a little about how the WordPress project is built, what they’re working on and what to expect in the coming months and years in WordPress Core.

Then we’ll break out into small groups with the Bluehost WordPress team leading discussions on:

Website UX Design & Themes


This group will explore all things design, layout, style and interactivity! Get feedback and ask questions about design ideas, typography, WordPress Themes, WordPress Blocks and more!

Site Management Best Practices


This group will explore strategies for efficiently, safely and professionally managing WordPress sites. We’ll talk about local and staging environments, security best practices, WordPress permissions

Picking Your Toolbox (plugins, software, services)


This group will explore everything from picking great WordPress Plugins, to code editors, FTP software and project management, to integrating WordPress with other software and automation flows.

Contributing to WordPress (with code, docs, design and more!)


This group will explore how to get started contributing to the WordPress Project, report issues, help others on Forums and more! WordPress is volunteer-built and volunteer-driven. Learn how to bring your talents in development, design, marketing, training and troubleshooting to people all over the world.

Bring your questions, curiosities and issues — this will be a great Meetup to get inspired, get answers and get to know WordPress a little better!

Bluehost's WordPress Team


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