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useReducer: Complex State Without Redux, Advanced Drag & Drop, Angular’s Control

Join us for our next meetup that you can join online! We’ll have a handful of short talks on a variety of interesting topics, plus time afterwards to discuss the presentations, talk with the presenters, and put the meet in meetup.

This meetup is free to attend, but you have to register to join.

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The talks include:

- The React hook useState() allows us to add local state to our React function components, but sometimes state can get a little messy. In his talk, Adam L. Barrett will show us how useReducer() may be able to clean up some state issues and help manage local component state.

- HTML5’s drag and drop APIs enable users to drag items around a page, but it lacks some useful features. Rolling your own drag and drop enables you to build features such as reading data about what’s being dragged before it’s dropped. In this talk, Brad Momberger will guide us through an example of dragging items into a Canvas with a complete reimplementation of drag and drop.

- Traveling through space and time is hard, but writing clean Reactive Forms in Angular doesn’t have to be, thanks to the Control Value Accessor interface! In her talk, Jennifer Wadella will show us how to write cleaner, clearer code faster, and solve some formerly complicated problems.

- CanJS 5.0 is already nearly a year old. The DoneJS core team recently added several new Ecosystem packages that focus on creating Custom Elements using APIs that will seem familiar and refined to anyone that’s used a recent version of CanJS. In his talk, Kevin Phillips will show us how we can use these APIs today and how we’re using them to shape the next major version of CanJS.

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