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Phoenix, AZ /

AWE Live Streams

Augmented World Expo (AWE), celebrating its 10th anniversary, is being live streamed May 29-31 from Santa Clara, California by on various platforms organized under #AWECORE brand::

May 29 @ 7:00pm PST

Open Mic Night

May 30 @ 8:00am PST

European Global VR/AR Meetup

May 30 @ 8:30am PST

Build & Distribute Mixed Reality Experiences

May 30 @ 10am PST

XR Health Panel & Networking

May 30 @ 11:00am PST

AltspaceVR SDK Developer Meetup EU

May 30 @ 12:00pm PST

Meet Cas & Chary, Mixed Reality YouTubers

TheSabbyLife VR Art Live!

May 30 @ 1:30pm PST

May 30 @ 2:00pm PST

May 31 @ 3:45pm PST

May 30 @ 6:30pm PST

The Rooftop VR Live on AltspaceVR

May 31 @ 12:00pm PST

Borderless Classroom with Educators In VR

May 31 @ 12:30pm PST

XR JOURNALISM PANEL hosted by Bobby Carlton of VRScout

May 31 @ 3:00pm PST


May 31 @ 4:00pm PST

Virtual World Exhibition

May 31 @ 5:00pm PST

Metawaves: Live Concert in HiFi VR

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