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Phoenix, AZ /

Machine Learning Lightning Talks

Carvana 1930 W Rio Salado Pkwy , Tempe, AZ (map)

**This meetup is hosted at Carvana. They are providing space, food and drinks. Thanks Carvana and Neil Shah! Also, this meetup group is for the community supported through Galvanize! If you would like to get into data science or are looking to learn Python here are some great Galvanize resources (**



"Game Changer Book Summary"

by Alexey Butyrev (

This book ( released earlier this year uncovered some of the mystery around Google DeepMind's AphaZero. We will learn a little more about AlphaZero and it's incredible feats of learning and impact on the chess world.

"A peek into the blackbox: the need for Explainable AI"

by Prajwal Paudyal (

AI applications have produced autonomous systems that can perceive, learn, decide, and act on their own. The machine learning that powers such systems range from simple and intuitive models to complex ones that are black-box. One of the major hurdles for these systems to reach mainstream adoption is the need for the results to be interpretable. In this talk, I'll survey various models for the performance, explainability tradeoff and then present my solution approach with a very short demo.

"Fake News Detection with Hierarchical Attention Networks"

by Craig Ignatowski (

Understanding how humans read, an introduction to word vectorization through GloVe, and detecting fake news articles through sentiment analysis.

"What's New in TensorFlow 2.0 & the Ecosystem"

by Chris Huie (

Google and the TensorFlow team have introduced several awesome new features, libraries, and machine learning tools with TF 2. Let's take a quick look at everything from TensorFlow Agents to TensoFlow JS. The talk will try and highlight as much as possible but due to the amount of rad stuff recently introduced I will also include a repo for more in-depth research into specific topics of interest.



Note that the doors will not open until 6. If you happen to arrive early, please just wait for a bit in your car until that time.

6:00 - 6:40 - Food, drinks and networking provided by Carvana!

6:20 - Optional tour of Carvana

6:40 - Announcements

7:00 - Presentation

Other info


Directions: Please drive to the northern most end of the office park, between the WageWorks and DHL Buildings, and turn left to park at the north entrance to Carvana. As you drive north you'll notice an art installation at the end of the road, continue driving towards that as it's a round-about and will bring you the front of our building.


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