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Phoenix, AZ /

Alexa vs. The Infinity Gauntlet. Snap!

University of Advancing Technology 2625 W Baseline Rd Theater, Tempe, AZ 85283 (map)


* 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm: Alexa vs. The Infinity Gauntlet. Snap! by Mark Tucker

* 7:30 pm: Raffle & Networking at UAT

Room No: 136 (Theater), University of Advanced Technology

Topic: Alexa vs. The Infinity Gauntlet. Snap!


In the Marvel Studios hit, “Avengers: Infinity War”, Thanos seeks to collect all six Infinity Stones, place them in a gauntlet, and complete his mission of re-balancing the universe. The Infinity Stones give the bearer increased power and control over space, time, reality, thoughts, and souls. The Infinity Gauntlet can serve as a framework to discuss key areas of success for voice-first software projects. This presentation starts with an overview of where the technology is today and covers the topics of convenience, discoverability, monetization, personalization, retention, and context & memory. As an Alexa Champion, I will be focusing on Amazon Alexa, but much of the content is applicable to Google Assistant, Cortana, and other voice assistants.

Speaker: Mark Tucker

Mark Tucker is an Alexa Champion, presenter, blogger, and software architect. With over 20 years of software design and development experience, he is most passionate about voice-first technology. Mark has created over 30 Alexa Skills performing the roles of architect, designer, and developer and has created over 230 screens for multi-modal experiences. He is the organizer of the Phoenix Alexa meetup and contributes to the Alexa ecosystem through open source projects and beta testing new features.


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