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Phoenix, AZ /

Emerge 2019: Invention!

Old Main at Arizona State University 400 E Tyler Mall , Tempe, AZ 85281 (map)

This year’s Emerge is a site of co-creation celebrating the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci and all those devoted to exuberant, unconventional invention. Emerge will showcase the many twists along the road to innovation: unbridled imagination, exquisite observation, epic and mundane failure, surprise and serendipity. Inspired by a quest to uncover ideas that are overlooked or underexposed, like Leonardo’s in his time, Emerge shines light on uncommon futures for the common good.

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Each year Emerge curates art, technology, performance, and interactive narrative for the general public, inviting everyone to participate in what’s to come by making it tangible and accessible here and now. The theme for the 8th annual Emerge festival in March 2019 is “Invent,” celebrating human inventiveness on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. Despite his reputation as a brilliant inventor, Leonardo wasn’t known as a great technical mind in his own lifetime. He never published most of his scientific and engineering work, which was often centuries ahead of its time. To reflect on the way that great ideas often languish in obscurity, and to shed light on today’s promising creators, we will invite artists, scientists, and other talented people from ASU, the local community, and beyond to exhibit work in the Space of Becoming.


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