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Phoenix, AZ /

Chrome Extensions, DevOps, Recursive React Components, & Velocirender

Join us for our first meetup that you can join online! We’ll have a handful of short talks on a variety of interesting topics, plus time afterwards to discuss the presentations, talk with the presenters, and put the meet in meetup.

This meetup is free to attend, but you have to register to join.

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The talks include:

- Chrome Extensions allow you to extend the browser by adding new tabs or panels to Chrome's DevTools, adding items to the right-click menu, overwriting the content of an entire page, and more. Kevin Phillips will explain the different types of scripts that power Chrome Extensions and how you can use them to build your own extension.

- Matthew Phillips will show you how to give your SPA a turbo boost with Velocirender, a new server-side rendering technique that works with any framework. He’ll demo its incremental rendering method and explain how it works under the hood.

- DevOps is notoriously difficult, even controversial, to define. In his talk “What is DevOps?: In Terms of What it Isn’t,” Mick McGrath will make an attempt to define DevOps by highlighting some common “This is DevOps” assertions.

- In a situation where you’re tasked with displaying data that can be arbitrarily nested, it's often necessary to have components render themselves in a recursive fashion. In his talk, Mike Dane will demonstrate how to deal with such data in React and discuss methods for propagating events up the recursive chain.

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