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Phoenix, AZ /

Bingo Extremo VR

Bingo Extremo is a High Fidelity VR game show played in real-time with other avatars for huge prizes and cash up for grabs. Every round you’ll get a Bingo card with a grid of numbers and letters (everyone's card is different) and the host will call out randomly selected squares. If you have the square, mark it on your card, and the first person to get a line straight across or diagonal wins! Choose between the mystery doors for your prize. Professional dancer, performer, and entertainer — Lady Camden will be there to make you laugh and hand out prizes.

Free Registration for chance to win prizes:

Win a Vive Pro, Rift, or Up to $1,200*

Every round, you could win an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive HMD, or substitute prizes for cash*. Once you have a bingo, choose between the mystery doors for a randomized loot. The more people that play, the bigger the prizes. Register before the event and you could win an extra $200.

How to play Bingo Extremo?

High Fidelity is best experienced in a Virtual Reality headset. Join in Desktop mode and score a state-of-the-art VR system for your home, or choose to walk away with cash (paid in High Fidelity Coin).

Step 1: Download High Fidelity Interface app

a. Website:

b. Steam:

Step 2: Create your account and log in

Step 3: Browse URL HiFi//Bingo or Open the High Fidelity menu, select “GoTo”, then choose "bingo"

Local VR Arcades:

Arizona Gamer's Lounge (

VR Junkies (


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Avatar_default_20 Bill Mar


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