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Phoenix, AZ /

D8 Layout Builder

meltmedia 63 South Rockford Drive #201, Tempe, az 85281 (map)

Welcome to the Phoenix Drupal User's Group!

Last month, Sebi led a high-level discussion of headless Drupal, augmented by spontaneous live demos from Matt and Maximo. This month we'll explore how Layout Builder from the Drupal 8 Layout Initiative adds significant changes to Drupal core, simplifying a traditional coupled architecture.

Some web projects require providing content editors with flexibility in manipulation of content and layout without developer assistance. Site builders gain from this flexibility as well. Drupal enables a new way to manage display for view modes on all nodes of a content type or specific nodes out of the box in version 8.7, which springs on May Day. With the new Layout API, developers can create layouts to be shared across projects. Popular modules like Panels and Display Suite will see many of their features subsumed into this new core functionality.

We'll also introduce a new Trello Kanban board for all our group members to post issues or questions. Members can post any question they might have about Drupal informally and anonymously to the board. During a roundtable session, members can offer solutions to the issues raised.

Join us afterwards to grab some food and chat more Drupal or whatever your heart desires.

Reminder: Meetings are now the 4th Wednesday of the month.


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