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Phoenix, AZ /

IoT In Action Virtual Bootcamp

Mountain Standard Time (MST) Online , Phoenix, az 85040 (map)

Microsoft+Arrow has a two-day Virtual Bootcamp using RaspberryPi 3. Developed for engineers, architects and practice managers, this technical training will provide:

1. In-depth understanding of IoT from device to cloud

2. Valuable insights around Azure Sphere and securing IoT solutions

3. Best practices for accelerating the development of IoT for business

RSVP to this meetup event if you want to join our watch party as we play along with our hardware setup. We plan to record it for later viewing.

Free Registration (use a business email address):

Developer Kits for Virtual Bootcamp (Raspberry Pi 3):

Day 1, where we will dive into the 5 elements that make up the Internet of Things (IoT): things, connectivity, data, analytics and action. There will be two hands-on labs focused on deploying devices at scale and leveraging Azure’s cognitive services from those devices.

Day 2, we will explore the concepts of machine learning, cognitive services and BOT frameworks, as well as look at different tiers of devices ranging from MCUs to more compute-heavy options. There will be two hands-on labs showcasing analytics as performed on these devices at the edge.

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