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Phoenix, AZ /

Lightning Talks

Infusionsoft 1260 S Spectrum Blvd , Chandler, (map)

This meetup is hosted at Infusionsoft. They are providing the space, food and drinks. Thanks to Infusionsoft and Danny Palmer!

The Infusionsoft campus is large, provided is a map of the building that the meetup will be hosted at.

We are sponsored by TAISTech. If you're looking for a dev job, stop! Let them use their connections to hook you up with a job up your alley!

Combined meetup for all experience levels.


Talks - Details & Bios Coming Soon


1. React 16.6, Nick Klepinger

- Lazy-loading with React.lazy and Suspense, React.memo, and the new contextTypes

2. My Experience Integrating ReactJs With Third-Party Libraries, Sepideh Falah

3. The simplicity of managing state in React with Context and hooks, Garrett Tacoronte

4. Building Chrome Extensions with React, Joe Previte

5. Composable Micro Layouts, Brad Westfall

6. Intro to writing a WordPress 5 plugin, Bryan Focht

7. Take Advantage of Conway’s Law with React, Pablo Nevares

8. Working with Large Lists in React Native, Seth Rogers (Infusionsoft)


Speaker Bios


Nick Klepinger

- Nick has been working professionally as a developer since 2008, although he taught himself to program using QBasic at the age of 13. Ever since then, he's been trying to find a way to compensate for his ginger-ness through code.

Joe Previte

- Joe Previte is a Front End Engineer at Digital Air Strike. He spends most of his time working with JavaScript to build internal tools. You can find him on Twitter as JavaScript Joe @jsjoeio

Brad Westfall

- Brad Westfall is a web developer and owner of and He has been working in the web industry since 1999. He loves getting involved in the development community, including creating the Phoenix JavaScript Meetup and the conference. Brad also enjoys teaching web development. His passion for teaching led him to become a lead instructor at Arizona’s first web development bootcamp. He has also published numerous teaching courses on YouTube and




6:00: Food and networking

6:40: Announcements

7:00: Presentations

Want to show a slide for your company or for yourself as a job candidate? Add a slide to this Dec 2018 public google presentation:


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