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Phoenix, AZ /

Building Real World Serverless Apps with Node, Webtask, and Angular

Galvanize 515 East Grant Street , Phoenix, AZ (map)

Serverless applications are all the rage these days, but can they be used to build real-world applications? Find out as we build a complete app with just JavaScript. In this talk, we'll cover building serverless applications with Node.js and Webtask. We are going to build, secure, and expose a Node.js API and hook it into a front-end client that we will build with Angular.


Ado Kukic, Auth0

Ado is a Developer Evangelist at Auth0. Mixing his passion for programming and education, he creates tutorials, courses, and other educational content focusing on security, authentication, and much more. On the front-end, he prefers Angular v2, while on the backend he flip-flops between Node.js and Golang.




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