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Phoenix, AZ /

Beginners: Lightning talks

GoDaddy Global Technology Center 2150 E Warner Rd , Tempe, AZ (map)

This meetup is hosted at GoDaddy Tempe. Park in an uncovered spot on the west or south side of the building. Note that there is a security/sign-in process that will take a couple minutes.

We are sponsored by TAISTech. If you're looking for a dev job, stop! Let them use their connections to hook you up with a job up your alley!



Immutable with Tina Heiligers


"Love it or hate it, Immutable can save your neck!

We’ve all heard the mantra: don’t mutate your react state, keep reducers pure functions, always return copies of your data with changes in place etc etc. There are two approaches to solve for these: 1. The gentleman’s agreement, where we purposefully and intentionally make a copy of data before updating it and return the copy (or we should be!), 2. Enforcing immutability with a helper - Immutable. I’ll go over what Immutable is, how it compares with work flows in conventional javascript and implications to your Redux store set up"

"Who am I? Tina Heiligers is a full stack javascript web developer at Tallwave, a Scottsdale based company that partners with brands on business strategy, product design and development, branding and digital marketing strategies.

I work with Node (and the Hapi framework) on the backend, React with Redux and Redux-Saga on the front end and secretly want to Redux everything!"

Sepideh Falah - How to approach a soft interview question.


A high-level overview of the classic "How Would You Design Twitter?". Giving some general strategy on how to answer a slightly soft question in an interview setting.

Sepideh is a full stack software developer and a freelancer focuses on MERN stack and developing her knowledge of technology day by day. She spends times on her passion for automation.



6:30 - GoDaddy is sponsoring food, thanks GoDaddy!

6:30 - Networking / hangout. Want to show a slide for your company or for yourself as a job candidate? Add a slide to this public google presentation (Jobs Oct 2018):

7:00 - Announcements

7:15 - Presentations



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