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Phoenix, AZ /

Blockchain and Manufacturing: A Match Made in the Factory

Virtual At your desk , Phoenix, AZ (map)

Must register here:

20 min live virtual meetup

Presenter: Nelson Petracek, CTO, TIBCO Software Inc.


Blockchain can help alleviate many manufacturing pain points. Its distributedfunctionality, hard­coded security measures, and smart contracts can helpmanufacturers quickly trace goods, manage records more transparently, andautomate supply chain processes and payments.

There is no singular blockchain platform that can solve these problems on its own;But, when combined with other solutions, blockchain can optimize operations, createdigital customer experiences, and provide innovative products.

Blockchain gives thosein the manufacturing industry the ability to be digital leaders.In this exciting webinar, see how a blockchain can:

1. Bring down counterfeiting and solidify the origin of ethically sourced goods

2. Mitigate some of the largest issues in regulatory compliance

3. Give manufacturers the ability to be digital leader


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