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Phoenix, AZ /

Cybersecurity and Basic Hacks

Galvanize 515 E Grant St , Phoenix, AZ 85004 (map)

Join us for an evening of Cyber Security Talks, Hacks, and Resources. Pizza will be served.





1800 to 1815 - Pizza, Announcements, etc

1816 to 1845 - Python recap

1846 to 1950 - Python deep dive




Intro to Python for Cyber Security Operations (Beginner Level)

Being able to write some code has become a critical skill in the security industry. It is a force multiplier that anyone can leverage. In this workshop, we will touch on the basics to get you started in writing Python to solve common problems faced by security analysts.

This workshop is intended to get you from zero to writing some useful code. We will also cover online resources so that your coding experience doesn't end here. At the end of the workshop we will do a real world exercise to reinforce what we just learned.

Either our presenter will recap our previous presenter or both will be in attendance. Our new presenter is a former Amazon software engineer and previous Python presenter at AZCWR.

A very limited number of laptops may be available, so it is recommended you arrive with your own laptop. These are the tech requirements:


Python 2.7


Kali Operating System

or PyCharm or Notepad++

If you have experience with writing Python, we invite you to join us to assist the others in the workshop. Those that did last time enriched the experience for everyone and enhanced their skill sets as well.


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