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Phoenix, AZ /

Going Serverless on AWS with C# and .Net Core 2.0 by Kalarrs Topham

Foothills Recreation Center 5600 W. Union Hills Dr. , Glendale, AZ (map)

Building an API can be costly and time consuming. We'll cover how you can use Function as a service (FAAS) to make this process simple by using @kalarrs ( and the Serverless Framework ( You'll have API's up and running in less than an hour that can scale to any demand.

Kalarrs Topham was formerly the associate director of engineer at HealthiestYou. His software innovation helped the company in getting acquired by Teladoc Inc. He has also participated and placed 1st in several hackathons in the Phoenix area including Opportunity Hack hosted by PayPal.

Kalarrs is passionate about JavaScript and often touts it's ability to accomplish difficult tasks easily. A few years back he discovered TypeScript and fell in love. Since then he has made it his mission to share TypeScript’s advantages to every developer he meets. He is currently sharing his years of experience by writing @kalarrs, an open source framework that allows developers to leverage FAAS to create scheduled tasks, pipelines, and APIs. Currently focusing on supporting AWS lambda initially and expanding to others in the future. His goal is to make creating functions in NodeJS, Python, Java, DotNetCore, and Go easy for small and large teams.


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