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Phoenix, AZ /

Experienced Devs: Migrating from Angular, GraphQL 2.0

GoDaddy Global Technology Center 2150 E Warner Rd , Tempe, AZ (map)

This meetup is hosted at GoDaddy Tempe. Park in an uncovered spot on the west or south side of the building. Note that there is a security/sign-in process that will take a couple minutes.

We are sponsored by TAISTech. If you're looking for a dev job, stop! Let them use their connections to hook you up with a job up your alley!

Greg Babiars - Migrating from Angular


Adopting a new framework is rarely as simple as rewriting your app. In this talk, we’ll discuss how to migrate from an existing framework to React. We’ll go over why an incremental migration might be preferred over a rewrite, some general architecture patterns that can help decouple from an existing framework, and finally some code examples showing how to use many of React 16.x features to make the migration easier. We’ll use the experience Greg's team has gone through migrating from AngularJS to React to drive the talk and discuss some lessons learned in the process.

Greg is a UI developer currently working at General Motors on the Build and Price application, and has shipped production JS apps in Backbone, Ember, Angular and React.

Dilip Kumar - GraphQL Cache management and File Upload


GraphQL has changed both client and server to communicate in a more defined manner. With the Apollo client and server library, it made it easier for the developer community to use the best features of GraphQL with fewer hassles. Apollo GraphQL cache management is a core piece for data management. After Apollo Graphql 2.0, Redux has been replaced by local cache. Recently, the file upload specification was defined and implemented as well using Graphql. I would like to share my experience to use GraphQL for my project.

Dilip is a full stack engineer at American Express. At Amex, he focuses on application code security and uses React.js, Node.js, RabbitMQ, MongodB, Docker etc to run the scanning pipelines. In weekends he spend time for his personal products to explore new technology stacks and ideas.



6:30 - GoDaddy is sponsoring food, thanks GoDaddy!

6:30 - Networking / hangout. Want to show a slide for your company or for yourself as a job candidate? Add a slide to this public google presentation (Jobs Aug 2018):

7:00 - Brief announcements

7:05 - Presentations



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