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Phoenix, AZ /

July 2018 Cocoaheads - Interviewing for an iOS Dev Position

Tallwave 6263 N Scottsdale Road #180 , Scottsdale, AZ (map)

We'll hear from Amelia about her recent experience interviewing with various companies for an iOS developer role, and what she learned from that process.

Main Topic: Interviewing for an iOS Dev Position

Amelia will take us through her experiences interviewing with a number of companies along the way to taking her new role at American Express.

Time permitting, a group round-table discussion will follow.

Amelia Boli is an iOS developer at American Express. When she's not coding in Swift, or learning something new, you'll find her playing board games.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Amelia won't be able to make it tonight and will need to reschedule. In her place, Wes Filleman will talk about user research and how to do SaaS pricing for mobile. We'll walk through a user survey Wes ran that closed last Friday. The results are fresh, raw, and some of the findings are surprising.


Secondary Topic:

Irv Singer will take us on a brief tour of an app he's found useful for his car, "Fusion ODBII" as well as some of his recent autolayout problems (and solutions).

Irv Singer is an Apple/IOS enthusiast who is dabbling in app development. When not coding he enjoying flying, golf, and camping.


We're always looking for new speakers, so let us know if you're interested.

All experience levels welcome! We'll be bringing in small tips-and-tricks for new developers in addition to the talks above.

Come join us starting at 6:45pm for informal discussion and networking.

At 7:00pm we'll come together for introductions and talk about something interesting that happened with iOS/Apple development last month followed by the presentation ending at 8:30pm.

For new members: Head around the back of the building and you'll see the group through the window. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out privately via the Contact button.


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